With a 50 year history of building in Northeast Ohio. We are specialists in Healthcare, while also having excellent experience in a broad range of construction projects as listed below. We organize our company into the following Divisions, each with their unique requirements:

Commercial Division
Professional Office

Special Projects - Commercial Division
Tenant Build-outs

Residential Division
Custom Designed Homes
Congregate Living
Cluster – Targeted Markets

We deliver our construction services under the following contract forms:
Construction Manager
As Advisor
As Constructor

General Contractor


We can contract on the basis of a Guaranteed Maximum Price, a Fixed Fee, Cost Plus, or an at-risk Lump Sum Amount as is appropriate with the above contract form.

Our mission is to give our clients a positive construction experience while achieving their project goals; quality of construction, timeliness, and competitive and tightly controlled cost.

We strongly believe in a “team approach” to construction where the building team and design team are on the same team, which has the common goal of client benefit and satisfaction. When all members of the team are focused on common goals in service to the owner, the project can be delivered successfully.

In order for the project team to function at the highest level, there must be excellent communication, management, project structure, processes and clear agreed-to responsibilities. We bring these disciplines and apply our project management system to every project, and integrate our system with the unique requirements of the project.

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