Real Estate Developer

We provide turnkey real estate development to land owners, owner-occupants, joint venture participants and investor groups focusing on medical office development, general office, mixed use, multi-family and specialty housing. We execute each phase of the development process, as follows:
Market analysis
Feasibility and investment analysis
Construction management
Marketing and leasing
Property and asset management

As developers, we maintain hands on control over all aspects of the development process including construction to ensure the project meets the quality, schedule and cost parameters critical to the investment performance requirements. We then retain property and asset management responsibility of the development to ensure continued performance of the development.

As Constructor and Builder

Construction Management:

As Construction Managers, we act as your advisors, advocates and managers of the construction process. We can be engaged prior to or during the planning and design process, working in tandem with the designers to better achieve your project goals and stay within your project parameters. By involving us as Construction Manager early in the process, you can best utilize our invaluable experience and information on cost, constructability, schedule and how best to phase, bid and construct the project. In this way, the owner gains the greatest value in time and cost savings. This project delivery structure fosters the strongest team orientation for your project to maximize efficiencies while still benefiting from a competitive bidding process for all building materials and labor.

The services we provide as Construction Managers include the following:
Coordination of owner’s activities, design team, consultants, governmental reviews
Cost estimating
Project scheduling
Constructability analysis
Value analysis
Structuring of bid documents
Manage bidding process
Coordination and management of contractors/subcontractors, material suppliers and vendors

Monitor and record construction progress
Issue documentation and resolution

General Contractor:

As a General Contractor, we are engaged after the planning, design and production of construction contract documents are completed and are focused on constructing the building according to plans and specifications. We assemble the numerous subcontractors for your project based on their qualifications, coverage of work scope, and price.

Our job is then to closely manage and coordinate all aspects of the construction including site, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and specialty trades to construct the building within the required timeframe and budget while maintaining high quality standards with continuous attention to safety.


As Design-Builders, we have the single point responsibility for the entire process of planning, designing and constructing the project, we maximize the efficiency of the design-bid-build process, and maximize the owner’s control over cost and development timeframe for a project. This method of construction simplifies communication, eliminates redundancies and reduces owner’s risk for runaway costs during the design process.
As Design-Builders, we separately contract for architectural and engineering design services with qualified and experienced professionals that will meet the needs of the specific project and the client.

Special Projects – Tenant Build-out, Renovation or Expansion:

We have a Special Projects Division that specializes in tenant build-out, renovation and expansion construction. We understand that these projects have special requirements as the constructor. We have developed our construction management system for these projects with a heightened emphasis on the following four areas:
1. Existing conditions analysis and project planning
2. Execution: Tight communication/coordination/site management
3. High attention to finish quality and details
4. Tight and thorough project cost accounting

These project types all occur in existing building space or are attached to an existing building structure. As a result, special consideration and care must me taken to plan and manage the construction project in such a wa
y that respects the on-going operations in adjacent or nearby space during a construction process. Also, expertise is required to work with the existing structural elements of the building and the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and technologic systems in the building.

These Special Projects require superior planning, coordination, scheduling, work site management, due diligence of existing conditions, communication, safety management and consideration of neighboring occupants. Our “Special Projects” team is well experienced and equipped to perform for building owners or individual tenants with our objective to be reliable, cost effective, professional and efficient.

Project Management

As Project Manager we assume the following list of responsibilities, and as Owner Representative we assume a subset of these responsibilities:
Establish with owner project feasibility
Develop with owner critical criteria for the project, including scope, budget, functionality, quality and schedule
Site Criteria and site procurement
Assist with financing of project
Identify if tax abatement or economic development incentives are available
Manage selection process of project team, including architects, engineers and consultants
Coordination of owner’s activities, design team, consultants and governmental reviews
Coordination of interior design, furniture, fixtures and equipment
Refine with owner project scope and related costs
Manage selection process for construction services
Review bids, track progress, review and verify pay application requests, claims and change orders
Establish, manage, monitor and record project communication, including events, changes, decisions and progress
Ensure proper documentation of project
Facilitate on-going decision making and approval process
Issue resolution
Manage project to project budget and schedule
Oversee project close out and turnover to owner
Owner occupancy planning
Project audit

Consultant / Advisor:

As Consultant / Advisor, we apply our business acumen gained through years of experience and continuous education on market trends to provide a menu of services as follows:

Translate business objectives and strategies into successful projects
Market analysis including psychographic analysis
Feasibility and investment analysis
Site search and quantification of site strength analysis
Site due diligence
Site acquisition and land aggregation
Site planning
Rezoning and governmental approvals
Cost estimating, pro forma development, and project budgeting
Financing options and structure
Tax abatement or economic development incentives
Assemblage of design team and consultants
Project management
Construction management
Marketing and leasing
Property and asset management


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